My story

I have always been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. I find ways to earn money or invent new items. Eventually I started to run my own online business.

This business shazelle-avenue started since 16 January 2011. my first product was thumbdrives, I got scam by my supplier when I first started out. Out of my $1K investment on the thumbdrives, 50% were non-functioning products. It made me lost hope of continuing my journey as a business owner as I was only able to sell the remaining 50% which are working and barely making any profit leading to a lost instead. Took me a year to gain back my losses and wanting to give up.

However, with the support of my buyers who told me not to give up, I decided to give it another chance. Do my research on the suppliers I get products from, take another risk and gave it my all. Time flies and our business is on its 6 years running.

Thank you to all my buyers who have been supporting me through my journey. I strive to be better at it and make you guys proud.


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