Frequently Asked Questions


Are your items instocks? How long is the delivery?

Most items are in stocks. In stocks items delivery is 3-4 business days through normal mail.

For pre-order items it will be shown in description as follows:

‘Overseas Item Ships Worldwide.

Allow 1 – 3  business days for processing and another 2 -3 business weeks for delivery.’

Are your items authentic?

Most of the items sold are not authentic although product is similar to the original that is the reason why we sell 3 times cheaper. Also we will stop selling them once the item is out of stock as we are changing our business to handmade craft. 

The authentic items will be written on the title of the products: AUTHENTIC [follow by product name]

Why can’t I add the items to cart?

Please see if it is in stocks. For items with variations sometimes our site have auto select both categories hence please click on the clear button first on top of the add to cart button so that you are able to click the options.

Are your items brand new?

All items sold in are brand new. We do not sell second hand items to our buyers.

Payment/Shipping Information and Refund Policy

For Local buyers:

What are the shipping modes available?

There are 3 modes of shipping.

Normal shipping, Registered shipping and Flat rate.

Both normal and registered shipping are calculated based on gross weight of item. Hence, if the option is cheaper than Flat rate, you can choose either of the option which suit your needs.

Normal shipping does not have tracking but registered shipping comes with tracking number. Registered shipping will either be shipped through by singpost registered mailing/smartpac, in some cases other modes of shipping like TAQBIN will be considered.

Flatrate – choose this option of shipping method if above option is more expensive. Flatrate is a standard price charged for all your items and not based on weight. However, do note items with SELF COLLECTION on the title are not eligible for shipping through any of this method.

If you require items urgently, recommended to choose local pickup option instead.

Please note above $200 orders, you will receive free local delivery.

Do you ship internationally? What currency are your products listed in?

We do ship internationally. Please note that shipping from Singapore is expensive to other countries. Items are all sent via air economy shipping which takes approximately 8-12 days. Only international shipping to Malaysia will be cheaper. 

Prices shown are all in SGD. 

What are the modes of payment?

There are 3 payment modes: direct bank transfer, paypal, COD and Credit Card.

The most preferred option will be direct bank transfer. Place order as per usual, there will be a processing fees charge at the checkout page. Note that if you choose direct bank transfer you can ignore those fees and just checkout per usual. [applicable for local buyers only]. Direct transfer the amount excluding the processing fees.

Another option is through paypal. For buyers who prefer convenient payment mode can choose paypal to pay. There will be processing fees which will be included at checkout page. 

Cash on delivery (COD). Payment to be made upon collection of items. Local pick up location will be at 423 Fajar road only – to be arrange in advance via text or email before dropping by. This is to ensure your items are already ready for pickup and you do not waste your trip down. 

COD payment is no longer available as we had cases where items are packed and ready but buyers did not show up. 

Note processing fees are only applicable for buyers paying through paypal. However, currently we do not have an option to automatically do the adjustments

How about refund and exchange?

We do not accept any refund or liable for broken items sent via normal postage although we do bubblewrap all our items accordingly. It is recommend to opt for registered mailing. For electronic items there is only 3 days exchange policy. Buyer will be responsible for the shipping fees on both side. Damaged which is caused by own use will not be eligible for any refund or exchange.

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